Tips To Gain Weight On A Vegan Diet

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Vegan Diet

Vegan diets are often discussed in association with weight loss benefits. But are all vegan diets about losing weight? Do vegan diets promote weight gain? The impact that vegan diets make on your weight depends on what foods you eat while on the diet. If planned accordingly, vegan diets can help you gain weight.

In this article, we discuss a few tips to gain weight while on a vegan diet.

Educate Yourself On Calorie Density

Why do some complain that their plant-based diet is not supporting their weight gain goals? Well, the reason could be their wrong food choices. When you are planning to gain weight on a vegan diet, it is important to understand the concept of calorie density. Calorie density is defined as the amount of calories per unit weight.

Most vegetables and fruits have low-calorie densities and this explains why you do not gain much weight even if you load your meals with fruits and vegetables. As many calorically dense options are available in the plant-based category, include them in your diet for weight gain benefits.

Add Refined Carbs To Your Diet

Refined foods high in carbohydrates help gain weight. Eat more foods like white rice, pasta, noodles, tortillas, and bread for weight gain benefits.

The refining process of foods removes some fiber and water from them, thereby increasing their calorie density. Because we recommend this weight-gain technique, do not think that you should swap whole grains with refined carbs. Continue eating whole foods too.

Try Weight-Gain Smoothies

Try weight-gain smoothies daily to ensure that you are getting enough calories while on a plant-based diet. You will find it easier to consume calories in liquid form than in solid form. Potatoes, banana, nut butter; the options in smoothie ingredients are many.

Carry Dry Fruits With You

Dry fruits are high in calorie density and needless to say, weight gain is one of their key benefits. Have dry fruits handy when you are traveling, or when you are at the office. Eat them as and when you like.

You may also toss in a few dry fruits to your daily weight-gainer smoothies for enhanced effects.

How your weight changes when switching to a new diet entirely depends on how well you plan the diet. If you are planning to gain some weight, make sure you do not miss eating calorically dense foods every day.