Plant-Based Meal Prep: Make Healthy Eating Easier

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Meal
Plant-Based Meal

Many of us feel stretched for time, or worse, the lack of it to concentrate and focus on our health goals. It is a balancing act to juggle family life, work, health and wellness when you have 24 hours in a day- sometimes you just wished you had a few more hours before the sun sets. Many of us may have the good intention of eating healthy plant-based foods, but when we are short on time, we reach for whatever is quick and easy to eat. What comes to mind? Yes, junk food, savouries and fried stuffs.

Your health is an investment you make that yields rich returns. If you turn a blind eye to it now, your body will turn a blind eye to you when you need it the most. However, plant-based recipes and eating can be set-up very easily. The only thing that is needed is to take the effort and time towards making it happen. We will teach you how. Read on…

  • Plan

Do you notice that what you don’t plan and pen down, eventually screw up? This applies to most facets of life, and healthy eating is just one of them.

Before your week begins, take the time to sit down with a notebook and pen down what the plant-based recipes you would want to cook for the week are. Write down all of the breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes, for all 7 days of the week. Also, write down the raw materials- the fruits, veggies, and condiments that you will need to cook them.

Once you have all of the materials for your plant-based meals listed down, use it as a reference for the shopping that you will be doing the following week.

  • Shop Weekly

Shopping weekly is a means to ensure that the food stays fresh and there is the least amount of wastage. The last thing you want is to stock up your fridge with foods and leave most of it to rot in the coming week. If you are pressed for time, use one of the several delivery services to get it. It is concerned with your health, and no amount of money can match your body’s price tag.

  • Food Prep

During the weekend or just about whenever you are browsing on your phone, begin chopping and cutting veggies and fruits. Segregate and store them in containers for easy use and cooking. Plant-based meal prep will make your life so much easier- even on your laziest of days, you will be able to have healthy food that nourishes your body rather than junk foods that, break it down.