5 Plant-Based Food Items That Are Less Healthy Than You Think

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

Just because an item is plant-based, does not make it automatically a better option for human health. Some plant-based food items are technically unhealthy, and most of these are heavily processed products. Here, we will look at some products that may not be as good for your health as you feel. It is worth noting that the following products may also appear in the lists of healthy food items because these have beneficial properties.


Almost every commercial-grade vegetable burger is full of preservatives and soy, plus it is loaded with sodium. The burger may not be suitable for those who are seeking nutrient-dense food items rich in fiber and low in calories. Some good alternatives to it are homemade vegetable patties. When you make the patties at home, you will know which ingredients go into these.

Granola Bars

Usually, granola bars may contain some healthy fats and good nutrients, but some of these have the same quantities of carbohydrates, calories, and sugar as candy bars. It is easy to make granola bars, as the plant-based food preparation process does not take much time. However, you might reach the maximum limit of sugar per day if you consume a lot of these homemade food items.

Frozen Meat Substitutes

Throwing a few frozen chicken-free nuggets into your microwave oven will not make you a healthy consumer. These food items tend to have a high amount of sodium. When buying these, be sure to examine product labels and look out for synthetic ingredients, processed oils, and preservatives.

Vegan Chips

Do you feel that you are an advocate of healthy food consumption just for avoiding vinegar and salt and consuming a lot of sweet potato chips instead? If you do, then think again. These are almost sure to be fried chips sprinkled with salt, much like white potato crisps. This means these products are likely to contain much fat and sodium. Seek air-fried chips when shopping for these, or you may make some of them at home when feeling more productive.

Vegan Desserts

If you think that the calories do not count in the event a particular dessert is plant-based, reconsider. Just because it is a plant-based product, does not mean that it is healthier. When makers remove eggs and butter, they tend to include starches, pectins, and gums to accomplish a similar texture and consistency.